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So far we have a common idea, and the future is going forward with that.

Gather the wisdom of professional team
Create social health value

We will take "wisdom condensed professional team, to create social health value" sense of mission, according to the principle of human body's enginery and kinematics rule to optimize design and configuration, demand for all ages, all kinds of people in terms of product segmentation, and corresponding to each kind of crowd custom products, led the Chinese leisure fitness industry stride forward


Our products are divided into two kinds, one is traditional equipment and the other is Internet plus

Intelligent product

We add traditional devices and the Internet, redefining interesting ways of exercising, getting people to record their data in the process of "playing" and giving some exercise advice.

The traditional equipment

Dedicated to the development, manufacturing and sales of children's amusement facilities, outdoor fitness equipment, youth physical facilities, naughty castles, and safety MATS.

Professional Physical Fitness Training System

This system is equipped by Beacon nd WIFI technology innovatively for exercise information transmission on the basis of current fitness equipment. It also makes research and development easily by transforming collected information through exercise trackers like smart wearable devices. meanwhile, it builds a series of APP and cloud platform, and provides scientific physical fitness evaluation and prescription through big data analysis under the direction of an exercise expert team. It builds a complete set of three-in-one physical fitness ecological system of traditional equipment, smart devices and expert algorithm.

Advanced Scientific Evaluation System:

  • It forms an advanced evaluation system by being supported by overseas expert algorithm.
  • It is a physical fitness training course by integrating physical fitness testing, intervention and education together for middle-school students.
  • Technically, it is a new “ecological” system that integrating with physical fitness testing, exercise prescription, exercise intervention, behavior change, social support together.

Intellectualized Reconstruction of Traditional Equipment:

  • Traditional fitness equipment combines Internet of Things and the Internet.
  • Smart wearable devices can collect exercise health information in real time when doing exercises.
  • It can develop multiple traditional games and activities, which is flexible and changeable.

Health Big Data of Physical Fitness Testing:

  • Strong cloud platform service
  • big data visual analysis and process
  • Connect national health data.

Smartwear for Intelligent Play

Participants wear multiple wearable devices when engage in the obstacle course to record heart rate
fluctuation, exercise time, energy consumption and exercise steps for the whole course. It applies
industry-leading rFID and bluetooth communication technology, so as to ensure the data collection
and non-inductive experience during exercise

BraceletArmletHeart Rate Belt

Data Analytics

The large screen is for displaying game operations and results in real time. meanwhile, it can
have live broadcasts on cycle racing situation. The router and power module fully guarantee the
communication and safe power supply.

Big Data Visual Display


Exercise Prescription

Provides scientific exercise guidance for improved Health

Data Analysis

Digital operation of smart sports venues

Facilities Management

Facilities use data and cloud analytics for feedback

Smart Service

The smart pathway provides motion reports for data analysis.

Team introduction

Glenn Gottfried

Chief Development Officer

Mr. Gottfried is a dynamic, market focused, growth oriented executive who has lead multiple companies through transformative change and exit. His last full time executive leadership role resulted in the transformation of a privately held company and its’ sale to a publicly traded company.

Glenn is a board member and strategic advisor to over a dozen firms. He has advised founders on successful fund raises and provides strategic and tactical advice on an ongoing basis. Glenn’s insights help teams focus on the tactical execution of operational, sales, business development, marketing, and product development activities to achieve growth objectives. His insights and guidance are critical accelerators in the growth and transformation of a business; leading to significant value creation for company ownership.

Glenn earned an MBA from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago, MS Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Vermont.

Tianyi Joe Zhu

Interim CEO & Board of Director

is a 2017 AABDC 50 Outstanding Asian Americans in Business award recipient. He is an international entrepreneur and angel investor, and co-founder/partner in SmartHealth Ventures. Recently SmartHealth announced in partnership with Rosalind Franklin University to build a $50 million, four story, 100,000 square foot biotech innovation park. Tianyi Joe Zhu is also a co-founder of West Suburban Angels and is the chairman of the Zhu Holdings Group Company which launched Cooper China, and recently had its grand opening of a 250,000 sq. Ft health clinic in Nanjing, China. Tianyi is a proverbial serial entrepreneur getting his start in entrepreneurship when he was in college, where he founded an eastern medicine supplier and has recorded exits in both his ventures as well as investments. Tianyi was recognized by Hennessy's with their "Never Stop, Never Settle" entrepreneurship award, was a University of Illinois Alumni Association: UIAAAN Featured Alumni, and received the honor in 2015 of Mandarin Leader for Entrepreneurship. In his personal life, Tianyi is a professional boxer, has competed in the 2008 Chinese Olympic Trials, trained with the Chinese National Team, and was an IKF Amateur Thai Boxing World Champion.

Weimo Zhu


Weimo Zhu is a professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Community health at the university of Illinois at urbana-Champaign, USA. An internationally known scholar in Kinesmetrics (measurement and Evaluation in Kinesiology), Dr. Zhu's primary research interests are in the study and application of new measurement theories and statistical models/methods to the field of Kinesiology, especially in youth physical fitness, the impact of body-mind exercises on health, and physical activity and inactivity and public health. he has published more than 100 SCI/SSCI journal articles and his research has been funded by external grants, including NIh and rWJF. he is the editor-in-chief of the research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, one of the most respected research journals in Kinesiology with a long rich history, and was an associate editor of Journal of Physical Activity and health and Frontiers in Physiology. he is an active fellow of the uS National Academy of Kinesiology, American College of Sports medicine, and the research Consortium of ShAPE America. He was a member of the Scientific Board of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports from 2005 to 2008, and was appointed as a panel member of the Institute of medicine of the uS National Academies' committee on "Fitness measures and health Outcomes in youth" in 2011. Dr. Zhu has served on the FITNESSgrAm/ACTIVITygrAm Advisory Committee since 2002.